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Bound To The Net, The Web, None Are Free

The unvoiced bite-back about issues of deep fakes, is that surveillance could well lose some steam when recordings can be so effectively fabricated, making evidence suspect, etc. But this is presuming that surveillance is for what it purports to be for. Police unions are at liberty to deny even court orders for handing over their own bodycam footage. Separately, FOIA requests, when not ignored altogether as is predominately the case, tend to be edited heavily and for all anyone knows are faked in lieu of sharing legit files. All of which suggests that authorities at local, state and federal levels downplay the importance of their own digital files whether A/V or text or even that precious metadata they are known to be exploiting.

But in cases of private blackmail or any publicly-exposed, unflattering footage or recording, I think we are past the threshold now where seeing unto itself is no longer believing. Corporate news would be the easiest field replaceable by AI and algorithms. Presidents, even presidential candidates, have been known to employ body doubles, but now entire stories might be fabricated from start to finish, with the true state of things being much worse than the public is made aware of.

Do folks from the White House visit foreign troops, or are such incidents digitally falsified publicity? Is every world leader present and accounted for, or have we been looking at simulacrums to maintain the peace? Is Edward Snowden a real person, or could he have been swapped out for a digital variation in recent years? Did Julian Assange ever truly exist? Lady Gaga and other celebs met with him, sure, but the CIA has in stock chemical processes for implanting false memories to complete a given narrative. This obviously sounds tinfoil and sci-fi, but so did drones until a dozen years ago, when we know now the DoD had been toying with them at least as far back as the 1970s, inadvertently explaining a great number of UFO sightings of past decades.

The Daily Star is like the National Enquirer, but this is factual, and with precedent, the troubles that 5G could be used to see and hear the oblivious public. This technology is radar and x-ray all in one. Here’s a research paper from 2013 discussing its applications. But this concerns normalized WiFi. Foreign courts can be brave enough to acknowledge that WiFi leads to cancer while USA businesses pay for deregulation, the wizened public easily programmed into ostracizing anyone lacking a cell or smartphone. 5G utilizes microwave frequencies though. Point to point radiation delivery. This is the expected framework for sending and receiving virtually all communications across the world today. The means for conveying truths and fictions alike is the means to manipulate truths and fictions alike, and it’s already weaponized.

We tell ourselves oh but reality could never be so distorted, and to extents of such fervent belief. Tell ourselves from places like twitter, built exclusively for custom-designed realities. DIY gated communities and social segregation and accompanying news bubbles. Should issues xyz neither exist in or cater to our carefully-manicured safe spaces then they must be unreal. Assuring ourselves that our reality tunnels are what’s real because we did the coding ourselves. Strangers we follow hoping to be, to befriend or to fuck cannot tell a lie. The extent of Stockholm Syndrome is in fullest effect.

There was a time not too long ago when the concept of fluoride in drinking water was popularly regarded as paranoia, whereas now we know it’s there along with many other unnecessary chemicals. The majority of the population is on pharmaceuticals whether legal or not, with drugs in the food for everyone regardless. I want to know if these frequencies are purposed with interacting to these chemicals in our systems. The Crazies was merely a movie, but what if it was inadvertently suggesting an extreme version of something we are all undergoing day by day? Which would be all in keeping with long-standing continuity, from corporate interests or governmental interests or more commonly, the business interests of our dully-elected government. Marketing may assert otherwise, but marketing ain’t noumenon. Susceptibility to advertising is nothing to wave your dick about. It pointedly conveys feeble-mindedness.

Why would Powers That Be do such a thing? Creating customers for insurance and pharma companies, for starters. Like the joke about mechanics who may fix the one thing but screw up another, for the repeat business. That is our healthcare system on a good day. But just look at what a nation without its faculties has allowed to walk, across long decades. Vilifying our fellows in contest over who is more King Rat. Denying anyone anywhere their life, liberty or pursuits of happiness and calling it truth, justice and the American way. And all because the masses choose to prefer the appealing portrait it paints, eager to overlook how the canvas is their own splayed flesh spread as thinly as gossamer, drifting wherever the winds desire it to go.

The intercontinental telecommunications cables are the World Serpent, the closed loop of an ouroboros devouring its end, from which we really ought to sever our umbilical chords. Because the good is only on the packaging, with ironies of labeling being the only place where free speech truly exists lost on those commodified. Cell towers and satellites, all must come down.