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Bookmark-Worthy Article For Upsetting Zionists

One side of a story is never the whole story.

Evidently, Senator Elizabeth Warren is announcing an anti-corruption platform, in all likelihood as a selling point for a prospective 2020 Presidential candidacy. While any anti-corruption is good anti-corruption, one of her clauses would concern flat-out bans on any lobbying done on behalf of foreign governments. The article’s author makes the dumb statement that the elephant in the room which will probably prevent this from happening is the severely right-wing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, when we all know the real elephant is Israel.

The US Senate has a long history of bending over backwards on behalf of the Israeli government. Just 5 years ago they were oh so worried that a particular UN arms trade treaty would hurt Israel, one of the few nations with the means for nuclear armament, whereas today Israel’s citizens are entirely free to take up arms against their powerless Palestinian neighbors. The idea that US politicians could refrain from lobbying for Israeli benefit is absurd when right now the Senate has a bill explicitly to make any anti-Israel boycott a felony, backed by 56 co-sponsors. Congress has its own related bill, with 290 bipartisan co-sponsors, whose committee agreed this past June to a suspension of the rules by unanimous consent. Which for the House means “a procedure generally used to quickly pass non-controversial bills“. Israel can count on support from the majority of Congresspersons, and the majority of Senators. Just last year, all 100 US Senators, including Warren herself, signed a prissy note to the UN opposing a non-binding resolution which had rationally suggested that Israel not consider aid for Palestinians given by human rights organizations as antisemitism.

The Senate’s current Israel Anti-Boycott bill is actually an amendment to the Export Administration Act of 1979, which among other things opposes restrictive trade practices or boycotts fostered or imposed by an international governmental organization, or requests to impose such practices or boycotts, against Israel. So why can the same courtesy not be extended to Palestine, who without international support will continue losing both land and lives from one week to the next, as they have continuously since the Israeli government was established?

The Israeli people have every reason to revolt against their government, for invading Syria, for invading Egypt and Lebanon, for massacring the Palestinian peoples and for sequestering and robbing multiple non-partisan international aid flotillas. And for being the one and only government on the planet to repeatedly refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation agreement. The only case in history of a computer hack resulting in multiple fatalities was STUXNET, developed jointly by US and Israeli forces in an unprovoked attack against Iranian scientists and their surrounding power grid. Nowhere on the planet of the past 70 years was there a war instigated by any nation other than the US or Israel, a nation whose government is led by a misogynistic, racist homophobe opposed to free speech, who is so openly corrupt his own law enforcement are investigating him for bribes. It’s no wonder he and Trump are butt-buddies. Nothing that Palestinian leaders have ever done comes even remotely close to the atrocities committed by Israeli leaders. It is pure projection.

Israel’s biggest non-Palestinian enemies Iran and Syria actually tried to pull together the Muslim nations in the 1970s in what would have been a diplomatic, Arabic version of the EU. Israel was opposed, so their puppet Kissinger had a clandestine titty fit and started paying mercenary psychopaths (the regional equivalent of Alex Jones fans) to blow themselves up in public spaces, so that global media could pin the blame on religious extremists and make it that much more impossible for the sects to unite even for the survival of the whole. The Adam Curtis documentary Hypernormalization laid it all out on the line with great detail. And ISIS files leaked a couple years back showed their numbers are predominately irreligious mercs, but it was barely reported here because it doesn’t fit the official western narrative. The “regimes” in the Middle East which the USA actively tries to take down tend to be the more Democratic of the region. And because the Jesus freaks have that much control over mainstream media and foreign policy, as well as domestic policies, where women’s rights are still an issue as punishment for Eve siding with the serpent to tempt Adam.

Middle Eastern extremists, the west’s paid goons in the area in the same way the Intercept proved the majority of domestic terrorist incidents were manufactured by the feds (and also the same way that our domestic law enforcement receives special training programs by the Israeli army), are religious only for the sake of theatricality in incriminating Muslim communities, while their main casualties are Muslims, because the main groups fighting them are Muslims. Who Israeli Jews have been competing with for centuries. The Golan Heights are Syrian land that Israel helped themselves to as soon as they learned there was oil underneath. The same that the US did to Iran in the 1950s, and the UK did to Iran 50 years before that. We keep overthrowing these governments to take what we have no earthly claim to. We have robbed billions from Iran alone, this is a stone-cold fact and they have every right to be peeved still to this day. With Syria, Asaad brought internet to his country when everyone else (including Netanyahu) is all about censoring left and right. The Russian embassies in the twin Syrian capitals were bombed each and every year of the “civil war” by western-backed, funded, trained and armed rebels, but that was downplayed here too. US foreign policy in the Middle East is and always has been middle-management for the Israeli government’s private interests. The only people not aware of that only get their news domestically.

Or are we to believe that Google’s weekly, closed-door White House meetings serve any purpose other than to make it next to impossible for discerning minds to research truth behind official, lucrative narratives?

For that matter, I believe Alex Jones agreed to have his InfoWars social media nixed, so the billionaires he serves will conveniently have a tokenized argument against the billionaires they in turn are competing with.

Trump, Netanyahu’s brother from a different mother, is now complaining that the social networks conspire against conservative ideologues. Which tragically means he does not read my blog. Yet the story is quickly gaining traction, even though one of its sources is Gateway Pundit, which has faced several defamation lawsuits for stories constructed from the thinnest air imaginable, always to instigate xenophobia.

It’s gaining traction for persons with no short-term memory recall, as Facebook, the largest and most powerful of social media sites worldwide worked directly with multiple subsidiaries of the far-right SCL group, whose business model openly utilizes military-grade psychological operations for private profit, to help get Trump into the White House. The same groups that propelled the Brexit referendum, weaponizing data-sets against the general public for the benefit of right-wing ideologies. That’s what the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal is about. They were given access to all of Facebook’s info, allowed to exert control over what users could and could not see and even produced xenophobic content themselves, such as anti-Muslim pages. Before Trump the SCL/FB business alliance worked with the Ted Cruz campaign office, and before Cruz they worked with Mitt Romney’s office. It goes back years and years. Actual leftists are not on Facebook because they’re too busy working soup kitchens to have time for contorting public perception. I argue that the heads of all of the social media sites are fundamentally right-leaning, because profiting from the efforts of others has nothing to do with putting the needs of others before one’s own. It’s the polar opposite. Trump wants corporate deregulation, well this is what that leads to: enabling bullies.

It’s competing billionaires, controlling official narratives and through them, public discourse. Those most loudly accusing others of information warfare are themselves the biggest perpetrators of information warfare, like supporters of the Israeli government accusing Palestinian self-defense of being unprovoked attacks, as though having their homes bulldozed with neither warning or justification should be treated as kosher. Elizabeth Warren herself has proudly proclaimed, “I am a capitalist to my bones” which directly contradicts and unravels any ambitions for anti-corruption. Getting rich means depriving others, which is not helping anybody, as evidenced by western politics every which way.