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Bob Lazar, Whistle-Blower

Science randomly unleashes ostentatious charges against the mental health of Siamese fighting fish. Seriously, nobody else thought of that? For a society obsessed with escaping, the obvious escapes our culture.

There’s a relatively new documentary out about Bob Lazar, and I must say I found it compelling, and troubling. While mainstream discourse seemed to have lost all interest in the man and his claims 30 years ago, his harassment never ended, with SWAT teams and gaggles of FBI goons disrupting his life to this day. That was my big takeaway. His own takeaway regarding everything he experienced and tried to share, wasn’t the distinct possibility of an advanced alien species, as that is something greater to culturally decompress, but rather the far more immediate suppression of this technology by the USA government. Its potential to completely revolutionize all forms of travel, ecologically-friendly while cost-effective, alone would change the dynamics of the global economy dramatically. If oil all by itself were to become obsolete, then the lusted private stockpiles of accumulated wealth stemming from oil production would be rendered null and void in the same stroke. Half the wars across the planet would lose all meaning, in a heartbeat.

I also feel that Lazar’s stolen bit of the mysterious element 115, originally code-named LA1000, has probably not been in his possession in many years, but very likely was handed over to fellow bipartisans of the scientific community to deconstruct independently. In the same way, I’ve no doubt that Uncle Sam has outsourced some of this reverse-engineering to private companies, to privatize its eventual exploitation not for the gains of the general public. Which the government does with tech and pharmaceutical companies all the time. Musk’s unexplained notoriety explained thusly.

Ideas actually happen outside of vacuums all the time, but when it comes to the arms race and the weaponization of tech, advances have the tendency to arise neck and neck. It’s an easy conclusion to reach that this government spends more on its military than on anything else, and on R&D for the military than on any other aspect of the military, certainly Veterans Affairs. Likewise, technological wunderkinds usually have a grand ‘get out of jail free’ card imprinted on their ball-sacks, with license to do anything anywhere provided political allies get some breadcrumbs for their own personal sacrifices in the matter. Under such an atmosphere, suppression of alien technology, captured or not, reverse-engineered or not, would appear to be the lone occasion where any sort of technology gets suppressed by the Powers That Be. Which is curious.

I am willing to believe that somehow or other this government came into possession of technology not of this planet, and has been trying to decipher its machinations ever since. I also believe that they have had no successes, meaning that Uncle Sam is not freely exploiting top secret alien tech for any purpose whatsoever. They themselves are happy to allow the insinuations to persist, if only to help explain the astronomical costs of their doing business. Larger militaries play with the new toys first, long before they resell gently used inventory to the third worlders, just as the wealthiest enjoy medical breakthroughs a full generation before the unwashed masses might access watered-down, haphazard versions of the same.

Years ago I had a friend with an interesting theory, which I may or may not have written about before. He thought that the Roswell crash, of diminutive forms hairless and irradiated rescued from the wreckage of an unidentifiable ship, were not aliens. He thought they were actually starved prisoners of war, or even abused Japanese-American citizens trapped in the highly Democratic internment camps of the day, and used as expendable guinea pigs for the Feds in piloting experimental aircraft, alien origins or not. After all, this government engaging in illicit testing on prisoners, even on its own soldiers, has been steadily and persistently going on for at least a century, as documented high and low. By the same logic do I consider 99.999% of all UFOs witnessed or recorded of the past 50 years or so, to be assorted drones and other experimental aircraft, and not aliens or of alien origin. Because there are technological advancements made, particularly those with military applications, but the concept of the government mishandling trillions on nothing better than new ways to kill people, is more disturbing for many than the idea of aliens.

In reality, governmental coverups are almost always concerned with covering failures. Like with the recent years of protests against Google building an HQ in Berlin, yet the German government folds nonetheless, predictably.

So, I would bet the stars that not only is Uncle Sam embarrassed by his complete inability to understand these examples of alien physics, but is scared that anybody else on the planet might still beat them to the punch in uncovering what would obviously be a technologically giant leap for mankind. Otherwise, as too many are too willing to believe nonetheless, if the Feds have successfully reverse-engineered such technology, under any other circumstance there’d be massive bragging about it. Billionaire-headed NGOs and think-tanks would be positively gloating, rubbing it in the faces of the financial lesser thans, the foreign scapegoats and anyone not born into the privilege of exclusivity or willing to kill to get there. Not so much “Hey scope out my hot new alien spaceship!” but rather “Hey look at me and my pet Kardashian hovering around the planet in 8 minutes flat!” But that’s not what we see happening around us. Wealth does have its limits, what with greed being the textbook example of tunnel vision and nearsightedness, especially when it comes to making the impossible, possible. Which totally conflicts with the bottom line of the entire foundation of the cult of Capitalism. Decades of pumping extreme expenses, with dreams of earnings exponentially greater, in pushing the best and brightest into uncovering how exactly these marvels can marvel, and yet they still have no fucking clue, and nothing to show for it but miles of red tape and mountains of redacted blackouts.

Why else would such suppression endure? The same pathetic, ultimate end as any form of suppression, to shield the undesirable from awkward facts to the shame of the guilty conscience. Just look at Trump’s tax returns.