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As ever, sacrifice and salvation can be neither morally or logistically differentiated, contrary to all marketing.

Reading books is by no means synonymous for understanding their ideas, and were you to come to their conclusions on your own without having read the books then people have no earthly idea what to make of you. (So I’ve read.) I was reading before kindergarten, and I cannot stop reading, but nobody might possibly read everything. As such, I believe that autodidactism is Montessori with checks and balances. Do we give time to a thing because it strikes our fleeting fancy, or because it helps us to surpass our origins?

Wikileaks is easy to vilify because the public are as likely to browse its docs and so learn for themselves as they are to personally look into stories reported by their preferred news outlets. Autodidactism is fundamental now. Considerably nothing in life should ever be taken for granted, but instead, everything is. The public, assured constantly that all of this is normal and to trust authoritative voices when neither corporate media or governmental stats exist to convey self-evident truths. This society openly encourages unflattering truths to be regarded as false, when the function of truth is not to placate anyone or anything. The biblical Job didn’t fuck his guardian angel, he wrestled it. In a culture where everything is proxies and avatars, duplicitous by default, why on Earth take anything at face value?

Accordingly, there is no such thing as American democracy, only all-encompassing branding which obsessively declares otherwise, pointedly to misconstrue financial interests competing at the expenses of we the peoples as a thing the masses either want or need in our tawdry, misbegotten little livelihoods. As testament to this, I’m not promoting anything, so my opinions concerning whatever and whichever matters are regarded without consequence in the virtual public square that is online social media. I’d say cuts to traditional welfare programs are socialized eugenics, yet most folks don’t really stay up at night fretting over it, unless it affects them directly or someone they care about. Homeless are the only demographic for whom it is politically correct to condemn, just for the failure to properly conform. To be fair, while eugenics for homeless and other undesirables inconveniencing the chosen banners favored at any given point in time are readily indulged by the public and their elected leaders, the only argument I’ve seen that eugenics do not work is among opposition to GMO crops, the idea of trademarking manufactured plant-life at a cost to the strengths of evolution and natural selection. Ironically, morality there would do well, offense over Monsanto thinking it can one-up Intelligent Design, no matter how many farmers must kill themselves. Ending these plights would amount to the end of Capitalism, although at this point such issues would require worldwide lobotomies to accomplish the undoing of comforting lies, when already there’s so little grey matter left not even a zombie apocalypse would prove sustainable.

Adages such as “preaching outside the choir” and “reaching across the aisle” and “please satiate my wife” mean something broader than brand loyalty. Echo chambers don’t expand audiences and safe spaces are just ideologically gated communities, when elections supposedly affect everybody. And unless appearances are as deceiving as avatars, we do all seem to populate this planet simultaneously. This certainly applies to those angry over partisans appearing on platforms of the other side, but extends as easily to gun-rights activists outraged over their egos not meeting with joyous placation. Bluntly ignoring what the many who value life inhabiting the other side of the debate are faced with is no way to appeal to their votes or esteem. Besides, some people can control their liquor without worry, yet we regulate that shit for the many more who allow it to conduct their thinking for them. No country is any individual, but the collective whole suffering the same profiteers at our collective cost.

If the advertising which sold you is not endearing to strangers, so fucking what.

What the self wants not being the point for all others is the thing Americans neither collectively or individually can stomach, because marketing says that they’re special and that dreams come true and marketing insists that marketing does not exist to lie. When the religious-minded variations of the theme speak of “god” what they really mean is first person singular, regardless of context. To speak of the strengths of your brand, your party or nation is to infer your own ego. This might apply to gender and sexuality as well, mistaking the group for the self as universally banners have the function of hiding and sheltering egos from the vast bulk of reality. Contrarily, any sort of group *depends* on the individual, necessitates the individual like a bullshit healthcare system floating on credit stolen from the kindness, perseverance and earnestness of individuals considerate of their vocation. So when individuals mistake their own wills for the group, it’s monkey see, monkey do. But where does your intent and purpose end, and the intent and purpose of everyone else begin? Not giving that honest consideration is mistaking a pill-fueled orgy for a singular beast of burden. It’s seeing everybody else as non-player characters, extras crowding your big closeup scene. If the local church helped out your family, it wasn’t the church itself but concerned persons therein. On the flip-side, if your America is so awesome, how did you specifically contribute to that?

It’s not on you at all. You’ve only been caught up in the self-congratulatory marketing. America is all-consuming.

I’m convinced the left/right paradigm boils down to prioritizing the needs of others vs prioritizing one’s own preferences whether bias, fetish or whim. I don’t see real leftism to be found in federal politics anywhere, the only partisan divide over competing financial interests. I don’t think it has anything to do with kindness or virtue, but necessity. The other end of the spectrum is where all forms of government collapse, when leaders assert their own wills before the measurable needs of the people. When they are ego-driven as any Capitalist. And when everybody pursues their own end, no matter the group the group becomes undone. Not working together means there is no “together”. We praise billionaires for trading .001% of their holdings to charity for a tax deduction while ignoring how the rest of their hoarding is what caused the problems requiring assistance. But exponentially that comes back down to each of us. No thoughts given to throwing 20 on a movie night experience rather than groceries for a family in dire straights. We rationalize our own self-serving, empowering the very system of exploitation all around us. Wealthy need to fucking disappear, but our negligence enables them, by working for them, buying from them and paying taxes on their behalf. By not only devoutly believing their advertising, but by allowing those adverts to conduct our thinking for us.

While comforting ourselves that it was our own grand ideas, that it was what we personally wanted all along.

What does will of the people even mean? What unites them beyond non-reflective symbolism? If authoritarianism is so obviously dreadful, why on Earth replace its deathly grip on the control mechanisms with the hands of another? When politics are nothing more than a guise for ego, it’s not politics that must change, but ideologies. When a collective allows for its ethos to be encompassed by conviction and principles there is no room for loopholes, no workarounds for authenticity.