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Army of One Versus The Lone Gunman

The confederate Breitbart, the trendy group blog posting only diatribal op/eds by racists, sexists and pedophages (because what pedos do is not philia), has evidently just been introduced to the Libertarian concept of financial blacklisting, the basic component of free market Capitalism legally permitting bullies to be enlivened to bully to their heart’s malcontent. And they are outraged. They were not outraged by the popularly permissible monopoly PayPal’s blockade against Wikileaks, nor were they outraged by the entire world history of class divides. Apparently, they are outraged by credit card conglomerates beginning to make the connection that drawing their unpraiseworthy millions of customers further and farther into debt is not as harmful, or fun, as outright denial of service. Curse the new breed of totalitarian rulers, demanding their instant gratification instead of the time-honored fanfare of romancing the anguish of the many for as long as humanly possible!

Likewise is Breitbart enraged by inexperienced proponents of the tyrannically wealth-placating opposition party (pot and kettle) suggesting that maybe privileged elitists wielding the supreme authority to both disregard and discredit the votes of every single voting member of society is plausibly not the best example of democracy. It must be ambivalence incarnated to see opposing figureheads so casually mistake tokenism for power, as though the congressional votes from powerless but proud stereotypes are somehow less powerless than those who supposedly voted them into office. In their defense, because I am open-minded enough to give the finger to all sides, the Green New Deal’s sales pitch for “social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice” rather than a pure justice based necessarily on nothing but right and wrong, is nothing short of a tool for eventual weaponization and anyone not seeing it in these specific terms can miserably afford no better than kool-aid. What they propose already systemically exists, with no two judges anywhere ever seeing black and white as black and white, preferring instead to obscure any concrete legal interpretation with their own personal stamp. But regarding much of the rest of the new deal, it is embarrassing to see so many voices online sensationalize common fucking sense, as not one lick of its propositions is new or original. They never passed and they never will pass into law because the one and same classless class of wealthy, privileged elitists have no earthly desire of ever forfeiting their pillaged goods.

It has always been custom in DC to give and take an inordinately excessive amount of bribes before one can start cutting up the cake in favor of one’s own business interests or personal preferences. Which unarguably is the ultimate end for every single political partisan in the nation regardless of window dressing or baby-smooching.

As ever, verifiable change can and will only come illegally. Not from such vessels as oblivious to history, reactionary conservative pundit-wannabees or oblivious to history, posturing liberal upstart-wannabees.