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Monkey-Wrenching the Americanaut

Our Love is Atomic

Apodyopsis Meets Apophenia

Pride Goeth Before the Left

Terrorism is not Terrorism

Zen and the Art of Being Displaced

Motel Iscariot

Portmanteau Death Rattle

Throwing Stones at the Mossbacks Gathered

Bar Sinister Diatribes

Sisters of Corruption of Nazareth


I! Tego Arcana Dei

The Bardstown Conspiracy

Violence and Sex

Egalitarian Hawkishness, Nevermore

The Cotard Delusion of Freedom

Terra Nullius Authoritarianism

Of Arab Springs and Nuclear Winters

The Solidarity Masquerade

Bleeding Hearts for Fun and Profit

All That Glitters is Golden Dawn not Golden Rule

Bastard Stepchild of the Nine Muses


Eating the Rich is not Cannibalism

Occult Science for Dummies, Alpha

Occult Science for Dummies, Omega

Vigilantes, Freedom Fighters, and Terrorists

Nukes and Zombies

Ex nihilo nihil fit

Proxy War of Themyscira and Lebanon

The Crowd

Gods Nailing Themselves to Trees

Plato’s Atomic Shadows on the Wall

Reign in Hell or Serve in Heaven

The March of Ides

A Fly Caught in Amber

Famous Blue Raincoat

The Amazing Bill Gates and His Crow-Flavored Cakes


Isolde and Tristan

Television Programming

The Great Kentucky Pie Slaughter


Dungeons and Dragonnades


Said the Actress to the Bishop

My Ideal

Planting The Dead to Grow Despair

Knock Together Your Kneecaps, My Ugly Ones

Dysaesthesia Aethiopica


Imaginarium Vomitoria



The Matron

Disarm Thy Neighbor

Displaced Continuity

Masturbatory Autarchism

L’Origine du monde

The Anti-Life Equation

We Who Live Above in Shadow

Conscientious Objector

Macrocosm and Microcosm

Prometheus Rebound


The Binary Thinking of Semper Fi

Boycott, Divest and Sanction The Powers That Be

Segregated Safe Space Echo Chamber Bubbles

Physical Education

The Prom Kings Union

Left at The Altar

Felt How Awful Goodness Is, and Saw Virtue

FDA & EPA, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Will Somebody Please Think of The Shareholders

The Duplicity Of All Things Israel

Digital Coprophilia

Lightning vs Thunder


Faute de mieux

Ode to a Fucking Toaster

The Devil’s Piss

The Age of The Cyclops

Face True, Front Believers!

Neither Time Or Place For Slum-Boogie

We, The Harijan Created By Plot Devices Of Silk and Opium, Oil and Copper

“Sell Your Cloak and Buy A Sword”

Predictive Rebelling

This Lacking Mythology Of You and Yours

Attributable Psalms, These Restroom Walls

Right Off The Ledge

Eminent Domain Applies To More Than Land

Godlike, The Vagrants and Paupers

An Experiment Of The People, By The People and For The People

écrasez l’infâme

Вздымающиеся груди для русской фермы троллей

Bookmark-Worthy Article For Upsetting Zionists

Open My Eyes So That I Might Breathe

Further Distancing, Lithe And Lissome From The Narrative

State Workers Kill Homeless Woman

Centuriae Cursus Honorum

Kicking Matt Drudge in the Balzac

Censorship Applies to More Than Ideas

Destroy America! Destroy America!

Hands of Gory Glories

The Modern Conundrum of Missing Shoes

The Narrative Disenfranchises and Oppresses and Nobody Cares

For the Sake of Turning New Leafs Rather Than Turning Blind Eyes, Palestinian Perspective

NeoCon Mistakes Geopolitics for Professional Wrestling Promos

During the Meandering Traipse of a Walk in the Clouds of Bugs

Comics Gated Community


The Golden Showers and Mud Baths of Our Polity

Two Can Be as Bad as One

How It Was Actually Asimov’s Tears In Rain That Cried Me a River

Audiences Deserve Nothing But Stitches

Encomium For Rake and/or Herald


Belting Out The Good Word

Lying Liars to Go, Hold the Cream and Sugar

Terribilis est locus iste!

Make-Believe and Profane Geometry

Music of the Spheres

The End is Not Nigh Enough

The Sin-Eaters Diet

Retroactive Ghosts

Womb Service, LLC.

Roman à Clef for Humility Everlasting, Quid Pro Quo

The Homecoming Dance

Professional Courtesy at The Lapin Agile


I Like To Be Here When I Can

Maintaining Hierarchies

Spontaneous Human Self-Immolation

Social Contracts With German Beavers

In Defense of Hate

Who Makes Propaganda

This Zombified Living Tribunal


More Important Than Hollywood Scandals

Body and Mind, Soulless as You Wish

Inauthentic Interconnectivity


Broke But Never Broken

Customer Service Martyrdom

Decompressing The Plurality of False Messiah Complexes

The Twenty-Third Alternative

You Are Not Your D&D Character

The League of Aquatic Zeroes

The Dismal Science (of Suicidal Flash-Mobs)

Jumbled Parable

Taking a Break From Mopping

Neither Forgive or Forget

Insatiable Cryptid Buggery

Sisyphus, The True Patriarch of The World

Labor Organizer for The Maternity Ward

Uncle Sam, Forever Straining to Blow His Own Horn

Army of One Versus The Lone Gunman

Clarifying Gainful Unemployability

Public Obscurity

Your Villains are The Real Heroes

When The Official Story IS Propaganda

The Enthusiast

Me and Marty

The United States of Azathoth

Won’t You Please Stop Draining the Nutsack of The Golden Bull

New Joy Fades

Smoking The Scabs

Transparency International is Full of Shit

Fascination Street or Coronation Street

The Vaughn Ranch Down Solitude Road

Bob Lazar, Whistle-Blower

Where Gonzo Journalism Crawled Off to Die

Auspicious Nine Lives of a Physicist’s Pet


Planned Obsolescence

War Criminals of The Third Party

The Fine Line Between Sacred Geometry and Celestial Coprophilia


Search Engineer of The Petrified Daemons

Effets de soir

Quantum Grease Monkeys

Left, To Your Own Devices and Gear

Haruspicy and The Recusancy

The Universe, The Klein Bottle Emptied and Filled By Despondency

None Of Tomorrow’s Parties

Making Peace Nor Love With An Awful Lot

Fly In The Ointment

The Able Fools


être dans la lune

Lady Windermere’s Fanzine


Chivalry, The Antithesis to Merchandising

Heaven Forbid, Heavens to Betsy!

Postpartum Suppression

My Children Won’t Deserve The Pain of The World

Firing Words Over The Heads of Debutantes and Their Cults

Anathematizing Pestilence

Purity Tests, Loyalty Oaths and Pledges of Allegiance

Black and White and Bled All Over

Jo Cox Would Have Preferred a Milkshake

Caught by The Fishnet Stockings

Exulansis Ops

Would Smell as Sweet

The Symbiotic Enantiodrome

Left, With Nothing

Preaching to Choirs For Fun and Profit

Old World Disorder

Fait Accompli

Nie wieder!

Have Gun, Will Travel and Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

The Zillion Deaths By Ego

Proselytizing The Panopticon

All The Love In The World Could Fill A Single Grave

An Ode To The Amazonian Testicle

Quintessence, Lascivious Behavior

The Bluegrass Conspiracy

My Old Kentucky Bones

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Media Transparency

Rhetorical Answers

My 9/11 Story

Ideological Consistency Has No Place For Greed

Suicide By Police

Defining Good and Evil For The Modern World

Impeach Capitalism Or Bust

Dream No Dreams Of Me

help wanted



God Is Not Dead But We Can Kill Him

Jimmy Crack Corn

The United Sadomasochism of America

Edward Bernays, Patron Saint Of The USA

Good Sex In The Apocalypse

Beauty Nor Power Be Eternal, Only Truth

Terms Of Sanctions

How To Tell A Young Nurse Practitioner You’re Head Over Heels For Her

Molotovs Even To The Most Personal Of Hierarchies


Empathy Is Dead, Long Live Empathy

Populism, At Odds With Identity Politics

Taxing Is The Callipygian


Defining The Threat For Dummies



Who You Loathe Matters As Little As Who Loathes You

The Pursed Lips Of Existential Virginity

To The Dutiful, Their Own Ashes

The Ideaspace Outside

The Élan Vital Of Autosarcophagy

Bound To The Net, The Web, None Are Free



The United States of Neverland

In The Light Of Mourning Lady Liberty Was Never Emphatic

Are You Independent?

Pro aris et focis

Pontificating The Imperative Of Quiescent Assurgency

Raveling Lady Liberty’s Plotte From Behind

Not Vote Or Pray But Work For Change

Vexatious, Burnt Leftovers From The American Way’s Crowd-Sourced Melting Pot Of Red Herrings, White Lies and Blue Meanies

Love Of Maudlin, Of Centime, Is Not Becoming Of You

The Virtue Of Fighting Is The Virtue Of Thinking


While The Getting’s Good

Impersonal Responsibility


The American Dream, Expletives And Excrement

Lecherous Premonitions Of Gratuitous Cognizance

Pestilence Both Facetious And Tumultuous

Give The Same Fucks To Your Government That You Give To The Future

#PaupersForChange: How The Modern World Works

Why I Will Never Join Your Cult, Startup Or Political Party

Platonic Hex

Creation In The Zombie Apocalypse

A Memory Hole For Self-Determination

Separate But Equal, My Asscheeks



Moments Of Horniness And Nihilism

Days Of Future Past Ziz

Iron Sky

Insufferable By Reasons Of Not Pretending

Constellations Of Sovereignty


We Have Plenty Of Time To Die

The Conspiracies Of Catastrophe


Not The Blind Leading The Blind But Mindfucks Leading Numskulls

Taking Back The Production Of Means


Virtue In The Time Of Our Dying

End The

The Genocide That Is Culturalism

Force Majeure Shaking Thine Speare

The Embodiment Of Audiences Is Publicized Stagnation

To Gild Refined Gold, To Paint The Lily

Freedom’s Just Another Word

The God Thou Servest Is Thine Own Appetite

Telling All Of Ya’ll It’s Sabotage

Voting Is Not The Answer

Condemnations For We The Peoples

The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

Revolting America

The Chalance Of Flutterbies



Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility

In Progress Traumatic Stress Disorder


NGC 891


Offending The Senses



If The Future Diminishes As We Age, Then So Too Must God

The Fuck

The Boptrot Conspiracy

Nothing Is Canon But Everything Is Fodder

Starling and The Space Cowgirls

If Thine Eye Offends Thee, No Refunds

To Hell With All Of Everything For Which It Stands

In The Midst Of PR

Dumpster Fires Burning During Shitstorms In Earthquakes By Nature And By Fracking End-Capped With Hurricanes, Tornadoes And Solar Flaring Famine, Pestilence And War

Lulling All The Byes Is What Makes A Goodbye Good

Contributing Members Of Society Meet The Nuremberg Principles

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?